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I grew up in Wakenda, Missouri—a town so small it no longer exists. (Yes, it's the basis for Cumberland in Billie Standish Was Here. No, the story is not about me.)


I started out as a singer and appeared alongside Loretta Lynn once at age 13. At the time, she sponsored a nationwide talent contest. I was the Missouri-Kansas representative.


I earned a B.A. at Columbia College, then lived in St. Louis for 15 years.

I worked in radio and as an actor on stages and screens big and small. 

In 1993, I moved to Minneapolis and live there still.


In 1999, I ushered into the world a baby boy and had the honor of naming him after his grandfathers. He is my heart and my light and has grown into a truly wonderful young man. That opinion is completely unbiased. Of course.


Through everything, I have written. Poetry, songs, personal essays, books for people big and small. Seeing America was my third book published. I'm working on the next three now.

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