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(Medallion Press, 2014)


Seeing America is a road trip yarn, a coming-of-age story, a glimpse into America at the very start of the automobile age that would change the world, and an unblinking look at how people perceive others—especially those different from themselves.



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(Simon & Schuster, 2007)


​Billie Standish is 11 years old in 1968 Cumberland, Missouri—a town where "nothing much bigger than a silent fart can get past the neighbors. . ."


As relentless rain threatens the nearby levees, the town's residents evacuate—all but Billie, her parents, Miss Lydia across the street, and Miss Lydia's grown son Curtis.


Neglected by her busy parents, Billie finds a steadfast friend in Miss Lydia. But when unthinkable things occur in the secrecy of a deserted town, Billie's and Miss Lydia's lives are changed, and intertwined, forever.


"This tender, touching account of intergenerational friendship provides rich historical context for two memorable female characters who redefine the meaning of family and love."  —Kirkus Reviews






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(Dial Books, 2006)

Betty Lou is a little girl with a big problem—all the other kids make fun of her huge feet. Her mother tells her she's perfect just as she is, but that's hard for her to believe.


When the other kids become trapped in the snow and only Betty Lou is there to help, she has to decide whether to rescue her tormentors or walk away.


". . . a fun seasonal selection and a great starting point for conversations about bullies."

                            —School Library Journal

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